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My name is Rachele, I’m 24 years old and I live in Milano, Italy.

I started my career in Fashion two years ago. I must admit that after my studies, I had not considered this career field.

Then I moved to Paris, my dreams city, for an internship in community management at Videdressing.com, a famous French startup and e-commerce. I didn’t want to leave France so I looked for another job and I couldn’t believe my eyes when Yohji Yamamoto called me for another internship in their Press Office.

This experience was shorter, because of the terrible November attacks in Paris, but I learned so much working for the Fashion Week and for the back office. In big brands you have to be very precise, even the smallest detail makes the difference. Even this experience wasn’t easy, I’m honoured and proud to say „I met Yohji and worked for him, the master!“.

Moving back to Italy I pursued my career in the Communication field starting a new stage for Istituto Marangoni Milano. I think this was an incredible chance to grow up and to take more responsibilities. I could use my personal ideas, every single day was full of interesting projects and new challenges. Working in team was also fantastic.

At the moment I’m working in Milano for an Italian brand called Attilio Giusti Leombruni (AGL). I’m press office and showroom assistant and hope to contue learning much more about the international fashion branch.

Besides that I’m having a blog to share inspirational pictures with my community, which is called BIG HARD SUN. It’s all about fashion, art, design and lifestyle. For more details: rachelemartignoni

If there is a big difference between french and italian fashion?!

I would say Italian and French fashion roots are very similar and very connected. A lot of great Italian fashion masters like Valentino learned working for French ateliers and maisons in the 30s and 50s (like for Guy Laroche, Jean Dessès…). Historically, they have the same training based on tailoring golden years. Big names like Dior, Yves Saint Laurent, Armani, are unique for their classic lines and shapes, their elegance perfectly fits female bodies This is my point of view about French and Italian fashion with capital F. If we talk about French and Italian modern style I would say that the difference is in women cultural DNA. French women tend to be more minimal, to keep it simple. They are never vulgar, they have the „je ne sais quoi“ that for other European women is very hard to find. Italian women are also very elegant and sophisticated but sometimes they tend to be more „dressed up“, they use more accessories, more make up, more high heels. Nowadays French fashion is also creating innovative visions like Vetements has done. Their way to see fashion is very close to society, to youth to youth in general.

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